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Learn about RECO LIFE and what we do

RECO Life is a UK based luxury garden room & outdoor space solutions company that creates inspirational high end outdoor structures.

With more people than ever working and exercising at home it has never been a better time to RE-evaluate the way you live and RE-create the space you live in. Don’t compromise, switch to a RECO Life space solution. Our fully customisable garden room & steel framework solutions are available to buy, lease or rent with competitive rates and terms available on request. RECO Life space solutions can be custom designed to suit all budgets and requirements.

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Our Products and Solutions

Whatever your business, interest or hobby we all aspire to have that special space where we can work, rest or play. Let’s find a solution for you!


The line between home and work is blurring and as our lives change significantly a radical rethink is required to ensure that you remain fully focused on your business. Add value to your home. And your work.
The Hub


Recharge and power up in style. Our custom designed luxurious fitness rooms will allow the whole family to exercise in comfort. Cutting edge top of the range solutions designed to push you to reach new heights.
The Powerhouse


Relax and recharge in luxurious comfort. Our unique garden room solutions exude quality and personality and will make an enviable stand out feature for any aspiring and growing home. Let's find you a solution!

Let's Create your perfect Garden Room - Office Gym Solution

“RECO Life is the culmination of a lifetime of experiences.”

- Simon Phipps

Why Reco Life?

Reasons to Reconsider and get your Reco Life Garden Room office, Gym or Leisure solution

No Planning or Permissions Required

Our space solutions are protected by the UK Caravan Sites Act 1968 and are not governed by the same restrictions as other standard Garden Rooms meaning you can go bigger, higher, wider and closer than ever before.

Huge Cost Savings

Offset the costs against your business and create a highly competitive alternative solution in comparison to paying for a new extension or major home renovation project. Our solutions start only at £580 per/m2 or at £90 per/m2 for lease options.

Highest Standards, Durable & Sustainable

Using single-use shipping containers as the basic skeleton and fully sustainable and durable materials, we ensure that your environmental conscience is clear!

Highest Quality

Hi-spec interior as standard

Zero maintenance

Long-lasting solutions

Free Delivery

& Simple installation

100% portability

Easy ability to Transfer

Endless possibilities

Give us a call, let's discuss!

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Have a quick question? Check Our Faq

We deliver your RECO Space using a HIAB-equipped lorry which is capable of lifting over small fences, bushes etc. It will however, require good access to position itself with extendable out-riggers while in operation.

If access is restricted, we can arrange for a fully-insured lift plan & crane operator to lift the Reco Space into position for you. A site survey would need to be undertaken prior to ordering.

The requirement for planning permission will depend on the status of the building, the area you live in and the size of the building.

In simple terms the following rules of planning apply:

Designated Land

If you live in a Designated Land area or your home is listed you will need planning.  Designated land includes:

  • National Parks
  • The Broads
  • Areas of outstanding natural beauty.
  • Conservation areas
  • World heritage sites

You should also check to see if your area has an Article 4 direction which removes certain permitted development rights.

Part E permitted development.

If you house is not listed and the area is not Designated or Subject to an Article 4 Direction you can build a garden room in your garden within Part E of permitted development.

The definition of Part E is:

“The provision within the curtilage of the dwellinghouse of any building required for a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwellinghouse.”

 The restrictions for Part E of permitted development are:

  • The building must be single storey.
  • Maximum eaves height of 2.5m.
  • Overall height of 4m with a dual pitched roof or 3m in any other case.
  • If the building is within 2m of the boundary the whole building should not exceed 2.5m in height.

Caravan Act 1968

As Reco Life buildings are mobile you may be able to take advantage of the Caravans Act 1968. And the limitations in size will then be 6m wide by 20m long with an internal ceiling height no more than 3.05m.

The First Schedule of The Caravan Act 1968 states that:

“A site licence shall not be required for the use of land as a caravan site if the use is incidental to the enjoyment as such of a dwelling house within the curtilage of which the land is situated.”

The definition of a caravan is:

“… Any structure designed or adapted for human habitation which is capable of being moved from one place to another (whether being towed, or by being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer) and any motor vehicle so designed or adapted but does not include.

(A)    Any railway rolling stock which is for the time being on rails forming part of a system, or

(B)    Any tent”

Section 13 (1) of the Caravan Sites Act 1968, which deals with twin-unit caravans. Section 13 (1) provides that:

“A structure designed or adapted for human habitation which:

(A)    Is composed of not more than two sections separately constructed and designed to be assembled on a site by means of bolts, clamps and other devices; and

(B)    Is, when assembled, physically capable of being moved by road from one place to another (whether being towed, or by being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer), shall not be treated as not being (or have been) a caravan within the means of Part 1 of the Caravan Sites Control of Development Act 1960 by reason only that it cannot lawfully be moved on a highway when assembled”.

Amendment of the definition of caravan 2006
(Permissible Additional Purposes) (England) Order 2006[4]
 Paragraph 3 of article 3 of the Social Landlords (Permissible Additional Purposes) (England) Order 2006 (meaning of caravan) shall be amended:
(a)           Length (exclusive of any drawbar) 20m (65.6FT)
(b)           Width: 6.8m (22.3ft)
(c)           Overall height (measured internally from the floor at the lowest level to the ceiling at the highest    level) 3.05m (10ft)

In the majority of cases you will be able to take advantage of the Caravan act 1968 and will not require planning. The team at Reco Life will be happy to advise on this matter and where required, assist in discussions with the planning authority.

Our structures are constructed from individual or multiples of recycled once-used shipping containers and as such come in standard sizes.

The majority of our range will be:

  • Height 2.89m or 2.59m
  • Length 2.99m, 6.06m or 12.2m
  • Width 2.43m or 4.86m

The structured cladding come with a 30 year warranty. The doors and windows come with a 10 year warranty. The warranty for the finishes will depend on your choices. The Reco Life team will be happy to provide more information.

Reco Life offer a full interior and exterior architectural design service. You will be presented with a full-colour interior and external 3D render before construction starts, which brings the project to life and allows you to see exactly what you are buying.


As standard we install aluminium 3-pane bi-fold doors and tilt and turn windows with a 10-year guarantee. You have the option to upgrade to French or sliding doors or even a 5-pane bi-fold door.

You will also have the option to include integral blinds in all doors and windows.

If your company leases the space and has it delivered to your property you could incur a HMRC benefit in kind tax liability. To calculate the potential tax liability, use the following formulae:

Gross annual lease cost x % used for private use x tax rate.

If the Space cost £7200 per annum including VAT and you are a higher rate tax payer that lets the family use the space at the weekend or 28.5% of the time, your tax liability would be:

£7,200 x 28.5% x 40% = £820.80 per annum benefit in kind tax.

As a mobile structure the space can be leased. As such the VAT can be claimed on all lease/rental payments. Your company can also offset the annual rental payments against corporation tax prior to a dividend being calculated.


In most cases we simply clear and level the area where the building will be sited. As standard we will then lay a weed control membrane under a layer of gravel. We then need to place the building onto concrete pads or portable building ground screws on each corner.  It is important to note that a costly concrete pad under the entire building is not required. We will of course be happy to offer a site survey to ascertain the best method of siting your RECO Space. Please contact us for further information.

As standard all Reco spaces are fitted with highly efficient extra thin electric induction heaters. As an upgrade you may exchange this for an air conditioner/ heat pump. Other options are available for the more specialised Reco Spaces.

The walls, floor and ceiling are fully insulated with a VSO closed cell foam insulation. The doors are manufactured to a very high standard and have a U value of 1.4W/m2K.

The installation will include the connection of electric and data to the Reco Space. Our specialist partners can also advise on how your home wi-fi can be upgraded to provide high-bandwidth Wi-Fi capability.

The team will be happy to look at a water and waste connection if a wet-room is included in the design. A site survey is required to establish the engineering requirements for all utilities.

The Reco Life team will be delighted to discuss how you can spread payments over 12 to 72 months through either a lease or finance package. It may also be possible for companies to take out a short term rental.


A RECO Space is constructed from once-used shipping containers as a base. These are in perfect condition and even if left unmaintained in an urban environment, would be expected to last and still be sea-worthy after 25 years. The shells are designed to withstand ferocious conditions with salt-water battering them almost daily. A life in your garden will be a walk in the park for a converted shipping container!

Whilst we endeavour to turn most projects around in 6-8 weeks, the actual lead time depends on the specification and delivery requirements. For instance, large full side bi-fold doors & windows can be 6 weeks alone to manufacture from our suppliers.

If a road closure is required, the local authority may ask for 3 months’ notice. We will always advise a realistic lead time depending on the spec and current production line capacity at point of quotation.

The simple answer is you can have any finish you would like as the cladding is for decorative purposes only. We would recommend the Reco Bamboo external cladding as it is a very high quality product with a 30 year guarantee.

Vat is chargeable on all Reco Life products except the Reco Sanctuary if it contains a bathroom and kitchen.  If you take advantage of the Reco commercial Lease you will be able to claim the VAT back and offset the rentals against your corporation tax bill.

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